Thursday, February 9, 2012

New Dates for Tracy

‎2012 Tracy Mall Show Dates:

May 11th-13th
October 12th-14th.

Regular mall hours.
There will be toys,sports cards, and other sports memorabilia.
35 Tables.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Where are we this Week.

We are in Tracy this week. Today the 4th of Febuary through Feb. 14th. Regular Mall Hours. We are located in front of Aeropostale.

Milpitas shows for the year!!!

Great mall Milpitas 2012 dates:

March 29th-April 1st
April 26-29th
June 14-17th
July 12-15th
August 24-26th

Regular mall hours. We will be located near the D&B restaurant and spread out on either side, from the food court to the Cinema.

Lots of New Shows for the Year

Sorry I have not posted our shows in a while. But lots of new things have been going on and this year should be packed with new shows. We currently have 5 upcoming Milpitas shows. We are working on Tracy and Hilltop mall shows and also have a few other malls we are working with. I will add the dates for Milpitas in a separate post, and as soon as we have the dates for Tracy and Hilltop I will post those also.